Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joe Budden - Whatever It takes

One of my favorite songs from Joe Budden off of the 2004 "DJ Kay Slay & Clinton Sparks" mixtape. Budden was definitely in his zone.

Download link : Whatever It Takes

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mos Def- Freestyle

Here's my boy Mos Def holding it down, doing what he does best, check it out.

Da Brat - Lyrical Molestation

Da Brat really showed her lyrical prowess on this record. This is off her second album "Anuthatantrum" especially with the sampling of a line from biggies "Who Shot Ya" She proved that she wasn't your typical female rapper.

Download link: Lyrical Molestation

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rakim Allah Freestyle

" I don't go on tour, I go to war" Rakim Allah-The GOD MC

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rakim - "Microphone Fiend" / Slaughterhouse -"Microphone"

"The invincible microphone fiend Rakim." Rakim's rhyming deviated from the simple rhyme patterns of the early 1980s hip hop. His style and flow inspired a whole new breed of mc's that followed after him. (ex: Nas, Az,Raekwon, eminem etc) He single handily change the game.

Below I have Slaughterhouse's version "Microphone" This is obviously a homage to Rakim's "Microphone Fiend" This team is something serious, I'm always excited to hear what they come up with. Their definitely a group you have to look out for.

Rather Unique - AZ

My favorite AZ song ever, this track turned me into an instant fan, The first time I heard this was on a DJ SNS mixtape...memories. This is some classic sh*t right here!

Download link : Rather Unique

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nas feat Hip Hop All Stars - Where Are They Now (90's Remix)

This was a good look for Nas when he made the "Where are they now" remix asking where were some of 90's popular rappers of the time and they answered back. This is one of my favorite records of 2006. He followed it up with the "Where are they now 80's" and the west coast version as well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ghosface Killah - Ghost deini (unreleased version)

I love this record, the original version off of "Supreme Clientele" This should of been on the album version, it's harder than the original. Ghost is a monster!

Download link: Ghost Deini (unreleased version)

Kanye West - Improvise (Unreleased)

This is an unreleased song that didn't make the "Late Registration" album. It obviously wasn't a finished recording, either way it's a cool track. I definitely can relate to this song.

Download link: Improvise (unreleased)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Charli Baltimore ft Mobb Deep - Infamous

From Charli's 1999 debut album, "Cold as Ice" Infamous features none other than The Infamous Mobb Deep. Unfortunately Charli never got her to chance to show her full potential. She definitely held her own on here.

Download link Charli Baltimore ft Mobb Deep-Infamous

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mase freestyle

I don't care what nobody say Mase is nice with those lyrics, his style fathered a lot of your favorite rappers of today. I must admit diddy knew how to pick talent back then.

Jadakiss Freestyle (He Goes In)

Nothing for me to say, top 5 dead or alive, now you know why, Kiss is a beast!!

Snoop Dogg & Tray Dee - 21 Jumpstreet

Lets swing over to California for a minute when Deathrow was a major force in the game. This track is off of the "Murder Was the Case" Soundtrack. There was some heat on here. I loved this song because it had that smooth laid back feel and of course snoop did his thing as always,anytime I heard this I pictured myself gangsta leaning in my hooptie. lol

Download link: 21 Jump street

DJ Honda - Out For the Cash pt 1 and pt 2

Out For the Cash pt 1

One of the illest dj's well the only dj I know from Japan that actually made a hot compilation cd back in 95, he linked up with some of hip hop's finest and released a few classics. Here are a couple tracks that was off the "h" album. It's a double feature..."Out for the cash part1 and part 2" featuring the likes of a young Fat Joe, Common, and The Beatnuts.

Out For the Cash pt 2

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 - Renegades (Original Version)

Here is the original version of Renegades, the song that was found on Jay-Z's classic album "The Blue Print"  uh Jay did his thing but the record just didn't fit him in my opinion, this is why it sounds like Eminem murdered him on his own sh*t, Am I right ya'll? Em and Royce need to finally do a Bad meets Evil album your fans are waiting.

Download link :Renegades (Original Version)

Slick Rick - Sitting In My Car (Original Version)

This joint right here is a rare one indeed, this is from his 1994 album "Behind Bars" even though it was a single it was remixed by Jermaine Dupri  (the remixed version is easier to find) who I felt didn't do the song any justice. I personally feel the original version is better especially with Doug E Fresh beat boxing, It brought back that late 80's sound.

Sorry for the quality my blackberry don't take the best videos as you can see but I did enjoy myself and saw Slick Rick perform as well as Special Ed. Mc Serch from 3rd Bass or for those under 26 will know him better from the White Rapper Show was also there as well djing. I wish there were more shows like this. *sigh*

Cypress Hill ft. Erick Sermon, Redman & MC Eiht - Throw Your Hands In Th...

This song had me hyped when I saw the video on Rap City when Joe Clair used to host the show remember those days? That may reveal my age, well this was a good look for hip hop with east and west coast artists collaborating to make a classic. Enjoy the video.

Notorious B.I.G. ft L.O.X. (Funk Flex freestyle rare circa 1997)

This is a one of those rare moments from biggie and the lox of off the funkmaster flex's: 60 mins of funk volume 2, I still listen to this mix tape from time to time. Damn I miss biggie, Bad Boy had it locked back in the days.
 Download link below.

Onyx freestyle circla 1998

Onyx was making a little come back promoting their album "Shut Em Down" when I heard this freestyle, Sticky definitely went in on this one.
check out the download link below