Friday, June 17, 2011

Method Man - The Riddler (RZA Production) (1995)

There wasn't a mix-tape or college radio show that wasn't playing this record at the time. This track definitely grew on me over time. As I listened to this track earlier today, I remembered what I was doing around that year this song was released, anyway this is off the "Batman Forever" Soundtrack.

Download link: The Riddler

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grand Puba, Tupac, Heavy D, The Notorious B.I.G. & Spunkbigga - Let's Get It on....

A rare record right here, we got Grand Puba from Brand Nubian, Tupac, Heavy D, The Notorious B.I.G. and a artist named Spunkbigga. They all represented on here.

Download link: Let's Get It On

AK Skills - One Thing or Another (Buckwild Production) (1997)

From Far Rockaway, Queens, AK managed to make noise in the mid-90s, He kind of reminded me of a Young Kool G. Rap in my opinion. AK had to step away from the mic after being incarcerated, He a had great potential.

Download link : One Thing or Another

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change

Man this definitely bring backs memories whenever I listen to this record. Shadez of Brooklyn is closely affiliated with the Beatminerz consisted of members are Chocolate Tye, Rev. Al , Tee Black, and Rambo.
They released the record "Change" in 1996, hip hop classic !!!

Download link : Shadez of Brooklyn-Change

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Lady Of Rage - Some Shit

Considered "one of the most skillful female MCs" with "hard-core lyrics," Lady of Rage officially appeared on the scene on Dr. Dre's 1992 classic album, " The Chronic" and afterwards appeared on several other albums released under Death Row records until she released her debut album "Necessary Roughness" in 1997. With productions from Easy Mo Bee, Daz Dillinger, and DJ Premier she let it be known that she is "unf***kwitable"

Download link: Some Sh!t

Download link: Unf****witable

Monday, June 06, 2011

O.C. featuring Jay-Z - Bonafied (Buckwild Production) (2001)

This is in my opinion one of the most slept of tracks from O.C. A bonus track off of his "Bon Appetit" album, O.C. does his thing as usual. This time around he got a little help with Jay-Z on the hook. Bonafied classic !!!

Download link: Bonafied

Poor Righteous Teachers featuring Nine - Gods, Earths And 85ers (1996)

Another hip hop group from Trenton, New Jersey, PRT released the fourth and final album in 1996, "The New World Order," Another underground classic still bringing the musical content inspired by the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths, PRT in my opinion is very underrated for the contributions they brought to Hip Hop.

Download link: Gods, Earths And 85ers

Chino XL - Ghetto Vampire (1996)

Coming out of New Jersey, Chino XL is mostly known by the calling out made by 2pac at the end of "Hit Em Up." Chino released his debut album in 1996 called "Here to Save You All" dismissing the commercialized hip hop that was starting to gain momentum at this time. The debut was released to critical acclaims. One of the tracks that caught my attention at the time was "Ghetto Vampire" the word play and creativity on the record is crazy.

Download link: Ghetto Vampire

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mr. Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics (Come Off Hard Part II)

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Voodoo has made a name for himself as one of underground hip hop's most talented and prolific artists. Mr. Voo went on to become a founding member of the group Natural Elements before releasing a series of independent records following the group's indefinite hiatus.

Download link: Lyrical Tactics

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Artifacts - It's Getting Hot (K-Def Remix)

Consisting of El Da Sensei, Tame One and DJ Kaos. They hail from Newark, New Jersey representing that underground hip hop. They released two albums, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" that come out in 1994 and "That's Them" which was released in 1997. Here I have the remix to "It's Getting Hot"  which I remember hearing on The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (now that was a great hip hop show...the good days!!).

The song is remix by Jersey native K-Def, I must say I love this record til this day.

Download link : It's Getting Hot (K-Def Remix)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mysonne, 8ball, & Ma$e - Do What Playas Do

This was one of my favorite tracks off of The 1999 Violators compilations album, Here we have Bronx native Mysonne, Memphis, Tennessee rapper 8-ball from the group 8-Ball and MJG and Harlem finest Mase.  Rhyming over a smooth laid back beat.

F.Y.I  Mase was going at Jay-Z with his verse for a song Jay-Z made dissing Mase on the track called "Ride or Die" on Jay-Z's Vol 2. Hardknock Life

Download link: Do What Playas Do

Queen Latifah ft. Treach, Heavy D & the Boyz and KRS-One- Rough

Straight out of the boom bap era of 1993, came Queen Latifah's album, "Black Reign" which in my opinion is one of her best albums ever. To be honest I literally played the cassette tape out until the magnetic tape popped. Yes I said cassette tape !!! "Black Reign" is definitely an album a hip hop purist should have in there collection.

Download link: Rough

Jay-z - ft. Lord Tariq & Nas- Analyze This

I heard this back in 1996 on a mixtape, originally found on Shaq's third album " Can't Stop the Reign," featured a song called "No Love Lost" with Lord Tariq and Jay-z but no Nas. There has been disputes if this record was a mix put together by a DJ or actually early recording before it got on shaq's album. Either way this is hot record with 3 ill mc's on it.

Download link: Analyze This