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Nas Ft. Bravehearts and 50 cent- Who U Rep With

I first heard both records on one of DJ Clue's "Hev. E. Components" series either part 1 or 2 back in 2001. Nas definitely helped 50 cent along the way early in his 50's career. They need to put together their differences mainly on 50's part and get in the studio together and make some new songs.

Download link :

Here is the other record that was also on the Clue tape, this song is featuring Nature and 50 cent.

Download link :Who U Rep With


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Charli Baltimore ft Mobb Deep - Infamous

From Charli's 1999 debut album, "Cold as Ice" Infamous features none other than The Infamous Mobb Deep. Unfortunately Charli never got her to chance to show her full potential. She definitely held her own on here.

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Paula Perry - Paula's Jam

A member of Masta Ace's I.N.C. (The original Inc). The Queen of Fort Greene made some noise in the early to late 90's. She had the underground buzzing with this record. Paula is no joke on the mic, I wish she had the machine behind her to push her career further but either way she have a few classics under her belt.

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Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child

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