Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Outsidaz - Don't Look Now

The Outsidaz was a hip hop group from Newark, New Jersey. Along with Pace Won, D.U. and Young Zee, The Outsidaz consisted of Axe, Az Izz, DJ Muhammed, Denzy, Loon One, DJ Spunk, S. Coop, Nawshis, Rah Digga, the late Slang Ton, B.skills and Yah Yah. The Outsidaz are affiliated with the Refugee Camp, and made their first commercial appearance as guest artists on the song "Cowboys" off the Fugees multi-platinum sophomore LP "The Score." Eminem was also affiliated with the group early in his career he gave them a few shout outs on the "Slim Shady LP"

Download link : Outsidaz-Don't Look Now


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