Friday, May 06, 2011

Ras Kass - Home Sweet Home

"Home sweet Home" was supposed to be the lead single for Ras Kass's 1999 unreleased Album "Von Gogh." The Alchemist produced the beat for Ras Kass but only received the first half of the payment for the beat, Ras Kass' record label was ignoring him when Alchemist was asking for the second half of the payment. Alchemist later informed Ras Kass that he sold the beat to Jadakiss because Alchemist couldn't get a hold of Ras Kass or his label. Jadakiss would then go on to record "We Gonna Make It" over the same beat, on his 2001 release, "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"

Download link: Ras Kass- Home Sweet Home

Now the question I have for ya'll out there is which version in your opinion is better?


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