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Camp Lo - Black Connection

Hailig from The Bronx, New York. The duo The Lo formally known as Camp Lo consists of rappers Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede. They released their debut album "Uptown Saturday Night" in January 1997 which many people considered it a classic album packed with a smooth jazz sound. This is just one of  the many songs I like off of the album.

Download link: Black Connection


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Charli Baltimore ft Mobb Deep - Infamous

From Charli's 1999 debut album, "Cold as Ice" Infamous features none other than The Infamous Mobb Deep. Unfortunately Charli never got her to chance to show her full potential. She definitely held her own on here.

Download link Charli Baltimore ft Mobb Deep-Infamous

Gang Starr - Make 'em Pay

of the many hot tracks off of the 1998 album "Moment of Truth," Gang Starr came back with vengeance. Every single record on the album was a banger. Til this day I can listen to the entire album from beginning to end without skipping a track. Krumb Snatcha killed the verse at end!! I still can't believe Guru isn't with us.

Download link: Gang Starr - Make em Pay

Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child

One of my favorite groups back in the 90's Lords of the Underground always brought that funky head nodding vibe to their music. Hailing from New Jersey, this 3 man group have a hand full of classic tracks under their belts. When I heard "Shot Caller" from French Montana the first thing I thought of was Lords of the Underground "Funky Child."  What can I say I am trapped in the 90's.